How long will it take to process my booking?
Direct bookings proceed real-time; request bookings by fax are processed and confirmed within 24 hours.
The direct bookable room availability we offer on our website is exclusive to Bookings. This means that when travellers book a room directly on our website the booking is processed and confirmed within a few minutes. Request bookings need to be accepted by the hotel and are therefore processed and confirmed within 24 hours.

Why do I have to include my credit card?
To allow us to proceed with your booking.
We request your credit card details as a form of security. It is used to guarantee your booking to the hotel. Your information is strictly confidential. We do not debit your card. Hotels charge you as soon as you departure your stay.

How do I know my reservation is confirmed?
You will receive a confirmation of your booking per e-mail. Direct bookings are confirmed per e-mail within a few minutes. Request bookings need to be accepted by the hotels and are therefore confirmed per e-mail within 24 hours.
Can I use a telephone and contact Bookings to book rooms?
Only our website offers the possibily to book rooms. We have designed our business in such a way that travellers can book rooms against low prices online. This is one of the reasons we offer no telephone reservation service.

How do I change or cancel my booking?
Very easy; by using the cancellation link given in the confirmation e-mail of your booking. Normally the cancellation time is 24 hours before arrival.  To cancel a booking use the link given in your confirmation e-mail. To change your booking, cancel the booking first and make a new booking on our website.

How can I request an early check-in or a late checkout time?
You can add this request with your booking online. Hotels are informed with your request and we will inform you as soon as possible. Then you can confirm your booking.

How secure is Bookings?
Transmissions and processing are secured through our Secure Internet Server.
We offer travellers two ways to inform us with their details. Through our Secure Internet Server transmissions and processing of details are secured. Travellers may also decide to inform us with their credit card details by fax (+31 (0)20 695 5943). 

Do I pay a reservation fee?
When you book a room with us you do not have to pay a fee for the reservation.

How do I pay my hotel bill?
You pay the room bill in cash or with credit card at the hotel.

We offer travellers the possibility to book hotel rooms on our website. In order to validate room booking requests we ask personal and credit card details upfront. The credit card details are ONLY used to guarantee the reservation. The card will NOT be debited unless you fail to arrive and have not cancelled your booking before the cancellation time given on the website. Normally this cancellation time is 24 hours before arrival.

Where can I find maps and other information about the hotel?
On each hotel page you find information about the hotel.

What is a Preferred hotel?
Preferred hotels are contracted to offer us room availability, 365 days a year. Many hotels in Europe have joined this program and offer their best available rates to travellers that make bookings on our website.